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        • Why Palm Beach County?

          There’s a place where some of the nation’s largest companies are headquartered, and more relocate here every day. A place with a pro-business and highly favorable tax environment – both for you AND your business – with no personal state income tax and no corporate income tax on limited partnerships and sub chapter S-corporations; with a long list of sales and use tax exemptions; a place you already know as one of the most beautiful in the country: Palm Beach County, Florida.

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        • The Perfect Business Climate

          In today’s highly competitive business environment, every advantage counts. It is mission-critical to find a location that affords your business every opportunity for success. To that end, Palm Beach County excels in all of these areas: A well-educated workforce, an advantageous pro-business climate, access to high-quality healthcare, a strong housing market, and a great place for your employees to raise a family.

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        Kelly SmallridgeKelly Smallridge
        President & CEO

        About the BDB

        The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, Florida, is the public/private economic development entity for the County and Enterprise Florida, the State’s official economic development organization.

        Founded in 1982 as a not-for-profit corporation, our primary purpose is to attract and retain new industry, business investment, high-quality jobs, and workforce development through corporate relocations, expansions, and international trade, stimulating economic energy, promoting business diversity, and enriching the County’s vitality.

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